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iPod App Review - Sudoku 2 Finger Arts takes a classic, hard, Japanese strategy game, Sudoku and creates a new modernised, addictive, simplistic game. I never knew how fun Sudoku could be,...

Sudoku 2 Pro App Review

Guys, this app by finger arts gets 5/5 * (stars) ... no bugs, no complaints. Great features, well polished. If you like Sudoku, get this! :) [ALL PROMO CODES FOR THIS GIVEAWAY HAVE BEEN TAKEN.]...

Sudoku Puzzle + for iPhone, iPad

New Sudoku players and experienced masters will both enjoy this beautiful version of the famous Japanese number puzzle game. Apple Store:

Sudoku 2 Pro - Expert

NashSudoku- Best Free Sudoku Games For iOS Apps

NashSodoku is a unique number Game For Sodoku player based on number placement puzzle.It comes with varity of puzzle ranging for easy to hard level.It has amazing control features which make...

iPhone Sudoku Bot

sudoku2 app by finger arts running on iphone: this program was written in python: it captures an iphone screenshot using idevicescreenshot:...

Sudoku App for iPhone, iPad, and Amazon

The #1 Sudoku App for iPhone and iPad is now available for free. Download it now and give it a try :) Download from the App Store:

ShadyPuzzles App Review

ShadyPuzzles: Seriously. Addicting game. Links below! --------------------------------- Official Website http://theapplefreak...

iPhone App Store - Sudoku Daily

info @

Sudoku Puzzle Packs for iPhone & iPad

If you love your iPad or iPhone this Sudoku game really makes it shine! A more visually and audibly stunning Sudoku setup has never been released. Challenge your intellect by using your wits...

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